Standard Features

All plans come with the following:

Automatic SSL

Secure your login, improve SEO and protect your visitor's data.


Server uptime is monitored 24x7.

Staging Area

Create a one-click staging area to test changes, before editing your live site.


Increased performance, stability and security.

Advanced Protection

Firewall, Anti-Virus & DDoS Protection.

SSD Drives

Fast loading SSD Drives.

A Managed Plan is Hosting you don't have to think about.

For Managed and Managed + plans:

Hosting Concierge

We take care of all the technical stuff for you. Just call or email.

Double Backups

Server and site level backups: both incremental, both stored off-server.

Security Updates

Keep your site secure and hack free with regular updates.

Don't get hacked!

Keeping your site up to date is the easiest way to prevent a hack.

We offer two levels of maintenance to keep your site safe.

Bi-Weekly Managed Updates:
Included in Managed Plans

Your site is backed up, updated and then a quick home page review is done to make sure none of the updates broke the site. If the site does break, we will restore a backup to get everything working again.

Upgrade to Live-Tested Updates:

Your site is backed up, the software is updated and then each plugin/theme that was updated is tested for errors. If we find an error in the testing we will roll back the plugin/theme to restore functionality.

WordPress Update FAQ's

Are ALL plugins and themes updated?

Almost! Anything we can run a 1-click update on.  If you have a premium plugin or theme that's doesn't have 1-click updates, you would need to upgrade to either the Staged-Tested or Live-Tested plan.

What happens if an update breaks the site?

We do a home page check on the site after everything is updated. If anything looks off, we'll debug and find out which plugin/theme caused the problem and roll  that update back.

Are plugin fixes included?

Fixes are separate. We will restore the previous version of the plugin or theme and try again next time. Most of the time, conflicts are fixed in this period by the plugin author. If not, we'll notify you and make recommendations.

Website Transfer FAQ's

Do you just transfer the files?

Nope! You get a complete, professional, hands-on site transfer.

How does it work?

  • We go through a checklist to find out what all needs to be transferred including: website, additional files, email accounts, domains and DNS.
  • We collect your logins so we can take care of everything for you.
  • We lower the TTL if possible to make the transfer as quick as possible.
  • We set up your new hosting account, copy your site over and test it to make sure everything is working properly.
  • We create or copy over any email accounts that need to be transferred.
  • We schedule a time to update the DNS and make your new hosting account live.
  • If you've moved email accounts we do a screenshare to help you update your email settings.