Updates are manually staged and tested before deployment

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30 Day Backup Archive

Every night your site is backed up to the cloud. Backups are incremental so you can easily restore your theme, database or a single file!

Managed Updates

Theme, plugin and major WordPress core updates are tested on a staging site before updating your live website.  Minor WordPress core updates that contain security patches are pushed out immediately.

Hosting Valet

We’re on call to help you with any of the technical aspects regarding your hosting account, including:

  • Email Accounts – Create an email account or forwarder, remove an account, update a password, change mailbox size
  • SpamAssassin – Tweak the settings on your spam filter; whitelist or blacklist emails or domains
  • DNS Management – Update your nameservers or DNS, including MX and SPF records
  • SSL Certificate Install or Re-key – Install and renew your SSL certificate
  • Configure PHP - Switch versions of PHP or tweak options like upload_max_filesize and memory_limit